Could I install the pool and liner myself?

Could I install the pool and liner myself?

Monday, September 07, 2015

Our pools are completely different to all other types of aboveground swimming pools and have been specifically designed for DIY installation – if you could build a deck or a retaining wall, you’d have no problems installing one of our pools!

All of our pool components are pre-cut and simply fit together on site, we even pre-fit all the wall fittings into the wall logs, so all you have to do is choose where you want to position them in your pool.

could i install the pool liner myself

Our pools have been purchased and installed by many different people over the years without problem, with most of our customers having no prior building background. We provide you with a straight forward instruction manual which has step by step colour photos, and also offer free over the phone assistance from our builder to help you with any questions you may come up with.

If the installation of the pool lining seems scary, then we have that covered too!

could i install the pool liner myself

Since 1975 Paradise Pools have used a vacuum fit method with a liner receiver track system. The receiver track system consists of a small ‘C’ shaped receiver section located underneath the lip of the top coping around the pool, and a beaded lining which means there is a small ‘arrow head’ welded to the top of the liner that locks it into the receiver. Once the lining is hung into the receiver, you connect your vacuum cleaner to the special port we provide in the pool wall, to vacuum fit the lining to the pool – it’s always a perfect fit! This system is specifically designed to enable easy installation of the lining, and very simple removal and replacement of your pool lining at any time in the future, without disturbing any of your pools coping, decking or paving.


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