Do I need to crane the pool onto site?

Do I need to crane the pool onto site?

Friday, May 26, 2023

No. Our pool packages are made up of individual timbers which have been machined and cut, then H5 pressure treated and packaged onto pallets for delivery. All parts of the pool can be carried by vehicle, digger, wheel barrow or even by hand, onto the site. We have even had customers with NO access to their site, dig their pools by hand and then carry every component through their house into their back yard!

John from Avalon Beach said - Our property is on a steep block with limited access, so we were unable to get an excavator onto the property and no option to crane a pool in. We wanted a premium looking concrete style pool that I could build. Due to the lack of access I needed to build the entire pool by hand, including the excavation. Paradise pools ticked all the boxes and were substantially cheaper than any other option. Instructions were very easy to follow and service was excellent. It looks amazing and is low maintenance. Paradise pools also set us up with a great deal on a heat pump, this allows the kids to use the pool every day for 10 months of the year!"


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