Pool Accessories

pool accessories

Choice of Pool Options

Brightwaters Pool Coping

Standard flat top coping to suit decking, or upgrade to a coping designed for paving or tiling around the pool.

Built-in seat and step areas in the pool

These inground style step and bench seat areas are fully built-in to the pool, with a cushioned surface and the pool lining is specially tailored to perfectly fit the bench seat or step area and provide you with a far superior finish to your pool, which is usually only seen in much more expensive inground swimming pools.

Corner Steps: 1 or 2 steps across the corner of the pool -

1.8m Bowled Deep End - Great for letting the kids burn off that extra energy. Unlike other pool types, our pools require no trenches to be dug into the pool floor and no structural changes if you choose the deep end option. Our simple deep end options have been easily installed by our DIY customers for many, many years.

Salt Water Chlorinators

Whilst some companies promote “fresh water” alternates or in-line feeders – nothing is more proven, more convenient and more cost effective than saltwater. “Freshwater” alternatives are generally just a low salt alternative, or a different type of chemical that has to be added to the pool. In-line chlorine feeders generally can’t be used all year round due to the high levels of cyanuric acid they put into the pool.

Our fully automatic, self-cleaning saltwater/mineral chlorinators provide you with ease or operation and peace of mind -

Solar heating provisions

Fitting these provisions to the pool on installation, allows you to add a solar pool heating system at any time in the future.

LED Pool Lights

LED multi colour underwater pool lights are great for ambience and evening entertaining -

Water Purifiers

Zodiac Nature2 water purifiers -

Pool Cleaners

Rebel 2 automatic pool cleaner -

Pool Liner Colours

Choose from various beautiful lining colours. See gallery for photos of pools in various colours -


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