The Belmont Pool

belmont above ground pool

Above Ground, Semi or Fully Inground Pool

Originally designed as an inground swimming pool, our exclusive engineered strength and design features enable this pool to be built on all sites, fully inground, semi-inground and up to 1m above the ground.

Our pools are completely different to other aboveground swimming pools and have been specifically designed for installation by anyone that would be capable of building a deck. Our pools have been purchased and installed by many different people over the years without problem, with the majority of people installing the pool having not come from any type of building background.

All timber is pre-cut (prior to treatment) ready to simply fit together on site and we provide a full instruction manual with step by step colour photos. We are also available online or by phone to help with any questions you may have during the installation.

Belmont Pool Features

  • Specifically designed for DIY installation
  • Full internal stainless steel bracing
  • Perfect for saltwater - cannot rust
  • Top coping designed to support your decking
  • Liner fits into receiver track
  • No sand and cement backfill required
  • Large inground pool fittings and Aust. Standards skimmer with automatic overflow ability
  • No ‘scalloping’ up the length of the pool walls
  • Optional inground pool style seating area
  • Highly insulated pool walls
  • Australian made for Australian conditions
  • Unbeatable warranty

Pool Shapes and Sizes

The Belmont pool range offers either oval or teardrop shapes in 4 popular sizes and is totally different to the traditional above ground pools. Just like our Brightwaters pool range, the Belmont’s construction not only looks far superior, but is also far stronger, will last longer and because it is not made from steel or resin-coated steel it cannot rust!

Our pools have smooth flowing shapely walls without the tell-tale scalloping look up the length of the walls, which is obvious in other aboveground pools. Our pool interiors are finished with a smooth swimmer friendly lining that is naturally resistant to algae, and available in various fresh colours and beautiful patterns. The wall height from the bottom of the sole plate to the top of the pool coping is 1.29m. The pool needs to be 'keyed' into the ground a minimum of 200mm. The maximum height above ground is a little over 1m.

oval pool shapes

Oval sizes

Due to recent retooling, we currently have only 2 sizes available -

6.44m x 4m - available
7.55m x 4.5m - available

The following oval sizes are currently unavailable -

6m x 3.3m
9m x 5.7m

teardrop pool shapes

Teardrop sizes

Due to current retooling, we currently only have 2 sizes available -

8.6m x 3.8m to 5.2m

7.8m x 3.4m to 4.3m

The following teardrop size is unavailable -

6.7m x 2.8m to 4m

Pool Construction

The pool walls are made from solid building logs that are first machined and cut to size, then pressure treated to H5 standard (full inground use). The wall logs simply interlock with a footing plate and marine grade 316 stainless steel reinforcing all the way around the pool perimeter. Once the walls are up, then simply lock the coping sections onto the top of the walls, then fit the insulated wall sheeting with the liner receiver track around the pool and install the pool lining. H5 timber is made to last, it is the same treatment used in modern telegraph poles and it cannot rust.

This pool is unlike any other and has many advantages that other pools cannot match.

Sloping Sites

The Belmont offers many advantages over other pool types especially on a sloping site. Making the most of a rarely used sloping area in your yard is easy.

You can have the pool inground on one side and almost fully aboveground on the other side without needing to construct any retaining walls. This versatility avoids all the extra costs associated with building a concrete pool out of ground, or the expense of constructing retaining walls to support a fiberglass pool on a sloping site. The possibilities are endless, with a solution for every difficult site.

Pool Installation

The Belmont pool range is available around Australia in a complete DIY flat pack pool package, and is suitable for construction by anyone capable of building a retaining wall, deck or similar.

When installing a pool inground or semi-inground, the Paradise Pool is the only aboveground pool that does NOT need to be backfilled with a very laborious and expensive special premixed sand and cement backfill mix. The incredible strength of the Paradise Pool means that it is capable of retaining the ground around it and can be simply backfilled with drainage aggregate.

Standard pool package includes – 

  • Full installation manual with step by step colour photos
  • Engineering plans and certifications for your building application
  • Pool mark out plans Deep end excavation plan (if chosen)
  • Pump and cartridge filter designed to easily cater for your pool size
  • Heavy duty .5mm thick light blue or dark blue coloured pool lining (other colours are available at additional cost)
  • Liner receiver track – no need to pull up your decking or coping around the pool to replace your liner
  • Large Inground pool quality skimmer and wall fittings
  • Flat top coping, ready for you to lay your decking boards directly over the top
  • Manual cleaning and testing equipment with CPR sign
  • Comprehensive ‘Guide to new pool book’

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Australia-wide Delivery

With current Covid19 restrictions we can still freight pools all over Australia.  We can provide a quote for delivery or help you arrange this via your preferred carrier.

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